Monetize your unused desks

Maximize the use of and your spare workspace.Everything from advertising, to screening potential renters, to drafting and executing the lease, to collecting rent payments. At each and every point, our platform is here to help you out.

Monthly payment

Monthly payment

The rents are transferred monthly and we take care of all the transaction management. Tenants transfer the total rent to us and we pay the amount due to you on the 15th day of each month to a bank account of your choice.

Advertise vacant desks & offices

A shared office community is formed by multiple different parties sharing an open office space. A private office is lockable and not shared, but can be part of a shared office.

find subtenants, save money
increase company culture


After creating your listing, you will receive requests for viewings. These will be visible in your dashboard and can be accepted or declined accordingly. You will receive an email notification for each viewing request. Using the chat function of our platform, you can discuss further details with the potential interested subtenants and t any ambiguities.

Sublet successfully

After a successful viewing, you can generate the rental contract in your dashboard. This requires a few more details to be completed. You and your tenant can then sign the contract electronically and download it as a PDF.

Start earning money by renting out your extra office space:

Target group oriented advertising
If you're going to list your workplace, be as detailed as possible. In this method, you may reach out to the renters who are a good fit for your requirements. This is the cornerstone of a long-lasting connection with the clientele.
No running costs, no risk
If we are unsuccessful, you owe us nothing. If we are successful in locating a renter, we will charge a fee equal to 10% of the rent.
Individual partnership
We collaborate with you to find unique answers. Your contribution to maison's mission is crucial.
Creation of rental contracts
After a successful showing, the rental agreement may be created inside the control panel and signed electronically.
Additional outreach
We provide proactive marketing and sales strategies like SEO and SEA to boost your business.
Save time
We'll handle billing and paperwork so you can concentrate on running your business. Get the word out about your available workstations, empty cubicles, and business.

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